Founded in 2018, Bonsai Collective is an artist collective and record label which strives to provide a platform for producers to be heard globally. With a focus on the melodic side of production, Bonsai has formed a forward-thinking team encompassing a variety of styles influenced by trap, jazz, hip hop, funk, and house.

Through our eclectic rhythms and futuristic leads, our goal is to present unique songs that provoke a plethora of emotions suitable for those looking to move their feet, bob their head or simply sit back and relax as our artists paint a canvas of sound. Bonsai is dedicated to paving the path not just for our own roster, but also for other boundary pushing artists that deserve the support.


Through our Discord, we have formed an inviting and creative space where artists can seek feedback and advice from producers of all skill levels. Our playlists and radio shows allow creatives a place to be heard while simultaneously providing listeners with an opportunity to discover new songs and artists with ease.

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